♥♥♥Jar of LOVE★NU’EST’s 2nd Anniversary Project!!!

Hellooo!!!♥LO^ES!!!♥ Can you believe it’ll be our boys’ 2nd anniversary in a few months???

♥♥♥ March 15th, 2014, will be NU’EST’s 2nd anniversary since their spectacular debut back in 2012 when the five boys carved their unique FACEs into every LOVEs’ hearts & thoughts.
♥♥♥ We, at THENU’EST, are very excited & have planned a little project to show our love & support of the boys for their hard work throughout the past 2 memorable years…

WE ARE INVITING ALL NU’EST LOVEs FROM AROUND THE WORLD to join in and participate together in — what is it?!?!?!?!?!

In celebration of the boys’ 2nd anniversary, we are doing a special fan project lovingly called – NU’EST’s ‘Jar of LO^E’~~~!!! ♥♥♥

It’s really simple!!! We want to collect special messages written by LO^Es to NU’EST celebrating their 2nd anniversary~~~ We will write your messages out on a note and fold each of them into little hearts, then place them into a pretty jar!!!

That’s our ‘Jar of LO^E’~~~♡♡♡

Oh, by the way, we already have some top secret & super dedicated LO^Es volunteering to head over to Korea on a mission next March to deliver the ‘Jar of LO^E’ to the boys! ♥ So~~~what are you waiting for??? Stop sleeping, talking, eating…& get going sending your messages to us!!!

♥♥♥ Please e-mail your special message to us at ‘’ with the following details:

MESSAGE (maximum of 160 characters):    ]

DEADLINE: To be announced – but hurry!!!

[★] PLEASE NOTE the following rules:-

☆ Merry Christmas but please send messages of your thoughts of NU’EST & celebrating their 2nd anniversary since debuting! ^^

☆ We are only receiving messages in English or Korean.  Our dedicated team will translate your English messages into Korean so that the boys could understand your thoughts♥

☆ Messages must NOT exceed 160 characters and please only send one message each person.

☆ We will send you a confirmation e-mail of receipt of your message, please do not send duplicate emails


♥♥♥ We hope to have as many L.O.^.Es as possible to join in with this project – NU’EST LOVEs unite!! So please tell your fellow L.O.^.Es, and help spread our ‘Jar of LO^E’ fan project to your friends on twitter, tumblr, facebook, email, on the street…anywhere!!!!  Let us show our dedication to the fine boys of NU’EST ★ Ready, ACTION!!! ^^

♥♥♥ PS:  Should you have any queries about our ‘Jar of LOVE’ project, please leave your question in the comment box below —>

11 thoughts on “♥♥♥Jar of LOVE★NU’EST’s 2nd Anniversary Project!!!

  1. Hello NU’EST I say that I love their music too which are quite cute and I would love to come to the City of Mexico and I’m a ㄴ ㅇ ㅅ ㅌ of heart and really admire many of my friends have told me that it is foolish to listen kpop is best other groups but the truth I never mind fails to listen to my most cordial greetings, also I have many friends whom love them like I want to come to the City of Mexico well this is all my goodbye party.
    Iliana Rodriguez Guadalupe Herrera

  2. Sorry but it was Iliana Rodriguez Guadalupe Herrera

  3. Hola chicos de nu’est

    solo soy una fan mas….yo atodos los admiro…a jr lo admiro por que apesar de ser joven sabe guiar y ser un buen lider…a minhyun lo admiro por que apesar de que viene desd lugares inimaginables a logrado ganarse el corazon de las loves….tambien admiro a a este aron porque apesar de qur no able muchoel corro

  4. 2 years of NU’EST, I’m so happy. That I hope you will come soon to mexico. I love you guys and i wish you the best things! greetings from mexico. and don’t forget that mexico want a LOVE tour(:

  5. Yesterday,*2 days ago* i sended my message. what the message is readed? Or not started?