Season 2 Ep. 3

Translator: Ayu

Editor: mmmelisssaaa

Timer: NU’EST Norway

11 thoughts on “Season 2 Ep. 3

  1. Thank you for subbing and sharing this! Can’t imagine what my ㄴㅇㅅㅌlife would be without you. ㅠㅠ

    • Hi Nuest. I am Yalda 17 years old from Iran. I always follow your albums, and I realy want to see you. you are the best in the world. I hope you do your best and be health. Nuest is my love and I want to protect you until my life. I love you oppas ^_^ hwaiting

  2. Thank you for being a wonderful team making it possible for non-Korean fans to watch ㄴㅇㅅㅌ Story. ^^ Hwaiting! &Good job!

    Ps. Was anyone else distracted by Katy Perry while Ren was talking? Hahaha.

    • I was xD “I wanna see your peacock cock cock!” My mind was all “omfg listen to Ren!”

  3. This makes me worried about NU’EST!
    I wanna fly to korea and give them a big hug!
    I will always be there for them and support them as a good fan! <3
    I will do my best to be a good LO/\E :3

  4. Baekho oppa~~
    Please take care of yourself! And listen to your other members!
    I love you!!
    Haha I love this episode so much
    Poor baekhos puffy eyes

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