[Trans]NU’EST in TRENDY magazine #44 MARCH 2013 White Day Special

TRENDY magazine #44 MARCH 2013



Cover taglines:

Double cover with popular seasoned actor Lee JoonGi & the eyecatching new idol group NU’EST.


>Trendy’s sweet interview with NU’EST live in Seoul!

>Hand drawn cards by NU’EST expressing their love!

>NU’EST White Day Special Event!


Headline Story:  White Day Special Event


The idol group rapidly increasing in popularity, NU’EST, will be spending their White Day with our readers!

What is our super special event and what kind of interesting content will be revealed?

Let’s go with TRENDY on a date with NU’EST!



TRENDY began this White Day date with NU’EST at Hotel La Casa located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu.  Seeing the boys again after meeting with them not that long ago, the five members appears less ‘fresh’ and have evolved to becoming more handsome and confident, complete with a sparkling aura.


With the presence of the members of NU’EST, the scenes of the live interview turns into something like the setting of an editorial/pictorial shoot.  What hasn’t changed is their politeness and greeting us with 90 degrees bows, as well as their professional expressions and focused eye contact.



PART ONE:  Q & A Interview Time

NU’EST’s White Day confessions exposed


Trendy:  The theme of this cover shoot for Trendy magazine is White Day, which is a day where boys make their confessions to girls.  What kind of ways will NU’EST members express themselves and confess?


Aron:  I will write a love letter to the girl I fancy, I think expressing my feelings by writing is the best.


Baekho:  I’ve never written a letter before, (^^) I think I’d probably just tell the girl I like her.!


JR:  Hmm……if it was me, I will get friendly with her, and then send her a sms text message, telling her that I liked her as a joke.  When I finally meet up with her face to face, I will tell her that I really like you and ask her to go out with me.


Minhyun:  Wow~ You’re really a pro at creating vague/ambiguous relationships!

(Other members quickly joined in agreeing and chanting:  Pro! Pro!)


Ren:  I will also write a love letter and leave it at the home of girl I fancy, specifically, I’ll place it in the gap between the door on the doorstep.


Minhyun: Just like Aron-Hyung, writing a really cool letter to confess to the girl.  But since I don’t really know what girls like, that seems unrealistic to me, so I will be like Baekho and will just confess to the girl telling her that I like her.


Trendy:  Within the members, who do you think will be the best boyfriend? Why?
JR:  We’ll count to three, and point to who we think…1,2,3…

(Voting result:  Minhyun got Baekho’s vote, Ren & JR voted for themselves, Baekho got zero votes, Aron voted for himself plus Minhyun’s vote so he has two votes.)


Minhyun:  I choose Aron-Hyung, the reason is… Firstly, he is very handsome and you can show off to your friends.  Also, even though Aron-Hyung is the older brother, he is usually full of ageyo, so if his girlfriend is angry or unhappy, he should be able to comfort her by acting cute.  That’s why I think he will be the best boyfriend!


JR:  I voted for myself.  Why did I pick myself? It’s because I think no one will pick me, so I picked myself.

Aron:  Self-comforting.  Haha~

JR:  Yes, haha~to comfort myself.  (Leader JR’s honesty made everyone laugh.)  But I know myself, if I met someone I liked, unless the world is destroyed, otherwise I will never let her go!  Even if she broke up with me, I will still…like…huh (he suddenly covered his face from being shy) I don’t know anymore!  I will work hard to become a good man.

(Not feeling JR’s embarrassment, the other members all laughed out loud.)


Ren:  I should be very good at taking care of my girlfriend, I’m very confident of this!

Minhyun:  Haha~

JR:  Ren said it in such a handsome way……



Heaven vs Hell in “Hello Yeoboseyo”


To save JR from embarrassment, Trendy magazine quickly took the topic back to the comeback song……


Trendy:  NU’EST showed a totally new style in this comeback track ‘Hello Yeoboseyo’.  Please tell us about this song?


Baekho:  The lyrics in ‘Hello Yeoboseyo’ are about a man who witnessed his girlfriend with another guy.  He was very angry so he phoned her, but then he was afraid that yelling at her will cause them to break up, so in the end he couldn’t find the words to say to her.  He ended up talking to her about mundane things as if nothing had happened.  It’s a story showing a man’s weaker side.


The highlight in our dance choreography this time is the use of neckties, table and chair in our performance.  The dance routine with the action of pulling our neckties aims to convey the annoyance and bitterness in not being able to do anything after witnessing your girlfriend with another guy.  The table and chair routine creates an atmospheric setting similar to that in a musical, thus, enhancing the dramatic element of our performance.



Trendy:  The members worked with Nam Bora in the MV for ‘Hello Yeoboseyo’.  Are there any funny stories while you were all shooting together?


Minhyun:  There’s a scene where I get slapped by Nam Bora-Sunbaenim.  A week before shooting I started to get very nervous, so I’ve requested the other members to hit me when they passed by me so I can practise.   But I became even more nervous when we were just about to shoot.  Luckily the weather was really cold that day, it was so cold that my cheeks had lost its senses, and because of the cold I couldn’t even feel the pain from the slaps on the cheek.  This actually left a really good memory.


JR:  What I want to say is not a very funny story, but it’s a special memory.  Nam Bora-Sunbaenim and I had a kiss scene, and it snowed a lot on the day of the shoot.  The snow made the shots in the MV of this scene even more beautiful.  This is quite special for me and I really feel that we picked a good day to film our MV.  (^^)



Questions asked on behalf of the fans


Before interviewing NU’EST, Trendy had asked fans of NU’EST what they’re most curious about them, and we picked out a few questions to ask them……


Trendy:  What is the most treasured item for NU’EST members?

Aron:  The photo of my family in my wallet.  I take a look at it when I miss my family.

Baekho:  Nothing special, if I really need to say something, it’ll probably be my accessories!

JR:  My sister’s[or sisters’ – since it doesn’t specify plural sisters or otherwise] first birthday present to me.

Ren:  I treasure the clothes and accessories my fans gave me.

Minhyun:  My MP3 [player].



Trendy:  What do the members consider as the most meaningful and touching moment since NU’EST’s debut?


JR:  After our debut, rather than saying it was touching, it was a very special event.  The First mini concert in Korea on 13th February 2013 was a very special day to us.


Baekho:  Our families all came on that day, and many of our fans came out to support us.  We hope there’ll be more opportunities like this.



Trendy:  Many people are asking – ‘Is NU’EST planning to come visit Taiwan and meet their fans?’


JR:  At the moment we don’t have it planned out, but we’ll definitely go if the opportunity arises.

Aron:  We really want go to Taiwan.

(Trendy:  Then you guys will have to study hard at Chinese, so you can communicate in Chinese when you come to Taiwan!)

JR:  We will try our best to prepare for this, we’ll make a pinky promise with everyone……

Baekho:  Wait~Wait~ This (speaking in Chinese) ……We might not be able to do this……

JR:  May be we can’t do it, but let’s try our best to prepare for it! Pinky promise~

(Ren, Minhyun, JR, Baekho and Aron all put their hands forward to complete their pinky promise to the fans)



PART TWO:  Sweet handmade cards time



Having grabbed onto such a rare opportunity to spend White Day with NU’EST, of course we will prepare special gifts for our readers who loves NU’EST!  To let the members express their most sincere feelings to fans, we’ve prepared cards for them to draw on.  Just as they were about to show us their artistic talents, Baekho nearly knocked over a pile of cards.  The dangerous situation caused the other members to scream and help him out.


Aron and JR who were sitting on both sides of Baekho, let out a sigh of relief as they held their palms on their chest.  Seeing their simultaneous reactions, it brought a smile to Ren and Minhyun, who were both also shocked by Baekho’s near accident.   After this little incident, the five of them started to draw on their cards, they all looked super handsome as they concentrated on drawing.  Due to their over-the-top concentration, it made the place seem like the scene of an official drawing competition.

So what have they drawn?


MINHYUN hopes to spend a sweets-filled White Day eating lots of lollies with the members and fans.  So on his card, he drew himself and the other members with lots of candies in many different colours.  Minhyun’s drawing of the NU’EST members looks a lot like them!


Since White Day is a day for boys to confess their feelings to the girl they fancied, ARON thinks the best gift is to truthfully confess by saying ‘I love you’.  This is what makes a real man! (^^)


REN really likes pyramids so his dream White Day would be to take a tour at the pyramids with fans.  It will definitely be very romantic spending White Day with Ren at the pyramids.  The only concern will be that the tour group will be huge in numbers!


Leader JR’s White Day must be full~completely full~of chocolate and sweets.  JR thinks the best White Day would be to hand deliver candies and chocolates to the fans and spend a sweet and happy day together.  ‘The lollies will need to have a photo sticker of me on it!’ exclaims JR cutely.


Baekho wants to hold a surprise gathering with fans on White Day where everyone’s seats will have super giant candies.  Everyone will be able to happily eat their candies whilst enjoying NU’EST’s performance onstage.


***Apparently readers are able to win these creatively hand drawn cards by NU’EST if you return a ‘reader’s form’ back to Trendy magazine.  Good luck to those who has the magazine~~~ 🙂



> Translated by mmmelissssaaa@thenuest

> Many thanks for scans from PICSS BaekHo TW

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