[Tutorial] Voting Guide!

Lis of Music Programs which currently has a Music Chart:-
– MBC MUSIC Show Champion;
– Mnet MCountdown;
– KBS Music Bank;
– MBC Show! Music Core; and,
– SBS Live Inkigayo.


◆ MBC MUSIC Show Champion [ Live every Wednesday at 6PM KST ]
– Digital Sales 50 % – (Streaming & Download)
– Physical Sales 20%
– Votes on Show Champion’s homepage 15%
– Professional Music Judges’ preference 15%
– Source of Digital Sales: Melon
– Source of Physical Sales : Hanteo Chart System

◆ Mnet M Countdown [ Live every Thursday at 6PM KST]
– Digital Single Sales 50 %
– Album Sales 10%
– Voting (Age preference) 20%
– Global Voting 5%
– Broadcast Score 10
– SMS 5%
– Source of Digital Sales : Melon, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet
– Source of Physical Sales : Hanteo Chart System
– Reflection Rate of Online Music Sites: All equal
– Criteria for Broadcast Score : Music Video doesn’t count. It will only count if the artist makes an appearance on TV Programs.
– Live SMS Voting : Able to vote until Live Voting closes. Write ‘뉴이스트’ in a text message & send it to #2566 (+822566 or 00822566 if you reside outside of Korea) (Text must be written in Hangul!)

◆ KBS Music Bank [ Live every Friday at 6.30PM KST ]
– Digital Sales 65%
– Physical Sales 5%
– Broadcast Score 20%
– Voting 10% (International fans ineligible since voting requires a Korean Identity Number)
– Source of Digital Sales : Melon, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie
– Source of Physical Sales : Hottracks & Synnara Weekly Sales Volume Rank 1~100 + Hanteo Chart System (Sales Volume Rank 1~100 in Music Stores Nationwide)

◆ MBC Show! Music Core [ Live every Saturday at 3.40PM KST ]
– Digital & Physical Sales 70%
– Music Video Views 10%
– Pre-Voting 10%
– Live Voting 10%
– Source of Digital and Physical Sales : Gaon Chart
– Music Video Score : Total views from Music Video uploaded on artist’s official Youtube channel and record label
(Counted weekly– Mon 00:00 ~ Sun 23:59)
– Pre-Voting : Gathering a Committee of 2000 people on official site
(Every Wednesday at 10AM ~ Thursday 12PM)
– Live Voting: Able to vote during live broadcasting until live voting closes. Write ‘뉴이스트’ in a text message & send it to #0505 (+820505 or 00820505 if you reside outside Korea) (Must be written in Hangeul)

◆ SBS Live Inkigayo [ Live Every Sunday at 2.55PM ]
– Digital Sales 60%
– SNS 35%
– M&TV Talk Application Voting 5%
– Source of Digital Sales: Gaon Digital Chart
– Source of SNS Points : Gaon SNS Chart (Music Video from Official Youtube Channel views, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
* 1) Watch the FULL Version Music Video on Official Youtube Channel.
Views, Likes,Comments are all counted towards SNS points.
2) Send a mention to artist’s Official Twitter or Re-tweet. Include the hashtag ‘#뉴이스트’ in your tweets & search frequently using ‘뉴이스트’ on Twitter.
3) Like & leave comments in posts on Official Facebook & share the post.

– 3 Groups with highest total points meeting the criterias above, will be #1 contenders.
The group with the highest total point from advanced voting & live voting (SMS and M&TV Talk Application) will receive 1st rank on Inkigayo Music Chart.
* Live Voting (Only applies if NU’EST are announced as #1 contenders) .
① Voting Period: During live broadcast until voting closes
② How to vote :
– SMS Voting: Write ‘뉴이스트’ in a text message and send it to #1245 (+821245 or 00821245 if you reside outside Korea) (Must be written in Hangeul)
– M&TV Talk Application Voting: Install ‘M&TV Talk’ on Play Store and vote!

  • *) How to vote on M&TV Talk App
    1) Open the application, click 회원가입 (Yellow Button)
    2) Agree to terms and conditions by checking the boxes
    3) Enter your details:
    이메일 입력: Enter your email
    비밀번호 입력: Enter desired password (more than 6 letters)
    성: Surname
    이름: Name
    성별: Select 여 for female,남 for males
    생일: Enter your birthday
    4) Click 다음
    5) Select your country on the left box, and your country are code then enter your phone number.  The pop-up will be appeared, click 확인
    6) Wait for confirmation SMS
    7) After inputting confirmation code, click 확인 to complete
    8) If you have succeeded, you will be directed to home page, click the banner on the top of the page that says  [SBS] 인기가요 사전 투표
    9) Scroll down until you see NU’EST – Good Bye Bye and click 투표 to vote
    10) A pop-up will be appeared to confirm your vote again, click 투표하기
    11) Done!

◆ You have to stream and download on these online music sites: Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada, Olleh Music (some other sites only requires streaming)
◆ Physical Album Sales
– Offline : Hottracks offline store, Synnara Record offline store, any Music Stores stated on Hanteo’s homepage
– Online : Hottracks, Synnara Record, LeesMusic, AppleMusic → Sales on these sites reflect on Hanteo Chart/Gaon Chart!
(Sales on Interpark, Gmarket, Yes24 will not be counted!)

★Things LOVEs must do to help!
① Increase views of the Music Video (NOT the teaser) on NU’EST’s Official Youtube Channel and 1theK Official Channel! (Counted for Music Core & Inkigayo!!)
* Attention! You have to watch Music Video from start to end in order to be counted!
You may RE-PLAY it many times!
② Pre-Voting : Participate in the pre-voting for Music Programs!
③ Participate in SMS Voting and Application voting for Music Programs!
④ Buying BGM on Cyworld, Naver Blog, etc → Counts towards Gaon Chart (Counted into Inkigayo Score!)
⑤ If your telecommunication provider is ‘T World’, buy the caller ringtone, ringtone → Counts towards Gaon Chart (Counted into Inkigayo Score!)
⑥ If you use Facebook, Twitter, other SNS you must use the hashtag!
* Attention! If you want to use #(해시태그), you need to use #뉴이스트 as the official hashtag that could be counted in for Music Programs Score! (If you use twitter, one #hashtag per tweet!)

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